Dynamics AX 2012 FAQ


What are the key improvements and changes to BI in Dynamics AX 2012 relative to Dynamics AX 2009

  • Reporting
    • All production X++ reports have been migarted to SSRS Reports
    • SSRS Reporting now supports the batch framework
    • SSRS Report parameters now use the native AX UI
  • Reporting Development
    • Switched to Visual Studio 2010 for SSRS Report development
    • Improved mechanism to get data generated from X++ business logic into an SSRS Report
    • Now you can directly use AX Labels to localize a report instead of .NET resource strings
    • AX reports are metadata-aware and will by default format fields in reports according to metadata in EDTs
  • Cubes
    • TBD
  • Reporting Deployment and Mangement
    • Powershell cmdlets provided automate the processes of configuring and performing report deployment

SSRS Report Development?

Can I develop the SSRS Reports using VB instead of C#

No. Although nothing specifically stops you from trying. We know that using VB will cause some problems eventually with the AX2012 SSRS development environment. Stick to C#

Can I user BC.NET to retrieve data from AX?

It is NOT recommended. Instead use our Report Data Provider mechanism or create an AX Service.


Can the AX Reporting Extensions be installed in SSRS SharePoint Integrated Mode?

No. The they can only be installed onto SSRS Native Mode.

How can I publish Reports?

There are three ways:
  • via the AOT -> right click on the report and click Deploy Element
  • via Visual Studio, right click on a solution or project and click Deploy
  • via the AX Managmement Shell (PowerShell) using the Publish-AxReport cmdlet

Where is the Report Deployment tool that we used to have in Dynamics AX 2009?

It no longer exists. Instead use the integrated deployment features that exist in the AOT, Visual Studio, and the AX Management Shell.

How can I launch the Powershell to manage and configure AX

The simplest way is: Start Menu > Administrative Tools > Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Shell

How can I get a list of all the reports via Powershell

Get-AxReport -ReportName *

You can limit the search using the wildcard syntax

Get-AxReport -ReportName Invent*

How can I publish Reports via Powershell

To publish all reports
Publish-AxReport -ReportName *

To publish a specific report
Publish-AxReport -ReportName AssetBarcode

To publish multiple named reports
Publish-AxReport -ReportName AssetBarcode,InventABC

Cube Development

Do I still need to use BIDS to define or modify KPIs?


Out-of-the-Box Production Reports

How many reports use AutoDesigns versus PrecisionDesigns?

  • There are a total of 856 SSRS report designs
  • 185 (21.6%) of them are AutoDesigns
  • 671 (78.4%) of them are Precision Designs

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